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General Show Information
  • All Halter Show related questions should be directed to the Show Superintendent, Scott & Ann Young at sayoung@hancock.net
  • No refunds will be given for changes/cancellations after the close of show registration (the last date registrations are being accepted or the show sells out, whichever is first).  Partial refunds will be given out prior to the close of show registration.   The show management will assess a 25% handling fee on any reductions or cancellations before the registration closure date.
  • No animal substitutions will be allowed from the original entry form, unless an animal becomes ill and permission is obtained from the Show Superintendent. Permission must be obtained prior to arriving at the show. There will be a $10 change fee for each change made to your show registration after payment has been made or for each  addition to your registration after the close of registration.
  • The show will be run in accordance with the current rules of the AOA Alpaca Show Division. We encourage you to join the Show Division and become familiar with the Handbook.
  • All alpacas shall be presented for judging with a plain halter and lead rope. The handlers attire should be conservative, neat and appropriate for the class. Farm names or alpaca names can not be displayed on the exhibitor or animal during the class.
  • All alpacas entered must be registered with the AOA Alpaca Registry.
  • All alpacas must be entered in the name of the owner as listed on the AOA Alpaca Registration Certificate. Animals that are in the process of being purchased or certificates that have not been transferred, must have a Owner of Record Form signed by the owner that is listed on the certificate.
  • Get of Sire, Produce of Dam:  Show entry is made in the name of the sire or the dam and the entry fee is applicable. A copy of the AOA Alpaca registration certificate for the sire or dam must be included. There is a limit of one entry per sire or dam. Because exhibitors may not know who the other exhibitors are until arrival, entry deadline for the two group classes will be 2:00 P.M. Friday evening.
  • There is an $80.00 AOBA fee for all farms that are not AOA Show Division members. It is $80.00 per farm, not per animal. There is a $6 AOA Show Division fee for every animal entry in the show, that fee is reflected in your entry fee.
  • An owner may only enter 3 alpacas per breed type, per Gender, per color designation, per age division. Example:  An owner can only show 3 white, huacaya, yearling, males.  This does not include the Bred & Owned classes.
  • Send completed entry form with a copy of AOA Alpaca Registration Certificate. Please use color definitions as found in the AOA Show Division Handbook and the most current AOA Alpaca Registry color chart to determine the color of each alpaca. An alpaca will not be entered if there is incomplete or missing information.
  • The Show Superintendent will divide classes as much as possible. Example, for Juvenile Black Males, if entries include 4 or more true blacks and 4 or more bay blacks, the class will be divided by color designation.
  • When confirmation is sent to each exhibitor a schedule will be included. It will explain arrival and departure times, lists of seminars and timing for the entire weekend.
Pennsylvania State Health Requirements

No animal will be admitted to the fairgrounds unless it meets the requirements below.  No animal is to be unloaded until the animal and its paperwork have been inspected and approved for entry.

All animals must be in proper physical condition, be properly identified with a microchip and free of visual evidence of infections, contagious, or parasitic disease at time of arrival.  Evidence of infectious, contagious, or parasitic disease or failure to produce the necessary documents for health certification, vaccination, or testing will result in the animal's rejection for entry.  The inspector's decision is final.  While not required, it is strongly recommended that all alpacas be currently vaccinated for rabies.  If you have any questions in regards to Health Requirements at the show please feel free to contact Kevin O'Leary at (603) 616-6010.

Note: Bring a copy of your Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Health Papers) for the Show Superintendent who is required to keep a copy as part of the show's permanent records. No digital formats will be accepted, we must have paper versions!

Requirements for ALL Alpacas:

  • Valid Certificate of Veterinary Inspection  (health papers) signed by an accredited veterinarian certifying that the animals are clinically free of infectious or contagious diseases and exposure from such disease.  Health papers must be dated March 4, 2023 or closer to the show, (within 30 days of the last day of the show - April 2, 2023).
  • The alpaca's name and microchip number and microchip location for each alpaca shall be listed on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health papers) and will be checked upon entering the facility.  Please double check your microchips.  If we cannot read your microchip your alpaca will not be allowed into the facility.
  • All alpacas entering the show must be negative for Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) by a PCR or VI lab test and said negative result shall be indicated on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health papers) by an accredited veterinarian.
    VI testing prior to 1/1/10 is acceptable.  After this date you must use PCR testing.  Date of test and lab used must be on health papers.

Additional Requirements for ALL Out-of-State Alpacas:

  • Tuberculosis Testing Requirements:
    a)  No test is required for animals originating from "Accredited Free" states of zones.

    b)  All animals originating from states or zones designated "Modified Accredited Advanced" must be test-negative within 60 days prior to entry

    c)  All animals originating from states or zones designated "Modified Accredited" (includes part of Michigan) must: 
      1)  Originate from herds in which all animals 12 months of age and older have tested  negative for TB within 12 months prior to entry and
      2)  The animals to be imported have tested negative to TB within 60 days prior to entry and at least 60 days after the whole herd test.
  • Vesicular Stomatitis (VS)Requirements:
    (applies to states that experienced a VS outbreak in the last 12 months - not applicable).  An accredited veterinarian shall determine whether the animals are free from VS and shall be accompanied by a CVI with the following statement signed by the accredited veterinarian.  "All animals identified on this certificate of veterinary inspection have been examined and found to be free from VS.  During the past 90 days, these animals were not located within 10 miles of a site where VS has been diagnosed."


Stalling Information

All stalls are 9X9.  There is a limit of 3 juvenile alpacas or 2 yearling/adult alpacas per single stall, 7 Juveniles or 5 yearling/adults in a double stall.  There is no stall limit per farm.

Pen panels and straw bedding will be provided and set up according to your stalling diagram.  Please note that extra pen panels are not to be used to hang your banners.  Please go to your local hardware store and buy materials to hang your banners in a way that is acceptable to you.  You have to understand that we try our best to keep costs down and every panel used the show pays for.

Access to electricity is provided this year, but you must bring your own extension cords to run from the outlet to your stall.

All alpacas who enter the facility MUST be listed on the CVI and registered within the registration system, either in a class or as a companion.

Stall assignments will be made on a first come first serve basis upon entry.  Please remember that priority is given to sponsors according to level of sponsorship.

All alpacas must be in their stalls no later than 5pm Thursday March 30, 2023.

If you would like to have a farm display, remember to request a stall space for that purpose as with everything and everyone moving around the stalling areas we must keep the aisle clear.

Stall Sharing:

  1. Both Farms A and B will need to complete their own Reservation and Halter Entry Forms.

  2. Farm A should reserve and pay, with their own check/credit card, for all of the stalls plus their own entries and extras.

  3. Farm B should state on their Reservation Form that they are sharing with Farm A and pay, with their own check/credit card, for their own entries and extras.

  4. Farm B should then pay their share of the stall(s) directly to Farm A.

  5. The Show organizers, Show Supervisor, or anyone else affiliated with the 2022 Spring Spectacular will not be responsible for any problems or injuries that may occur when sharing stalls.

Show Schedule*

Thursday March 30, 2023

10:00am - 5:00pm Alpaca Check-in
5:00pm Meet & Greet Reception
5:00pm All Alpacas must be Checked-in
6:00pm Mandatory Exhibitor's Meeting followed by Final Color Check by Judges

Friday March 31, 2023

8:00am - 5:00pm EAA Spring Show - Huacaya Halter Classes
8:00am - 5:00pm NAAS - Walking Fleece Classes
1:00am - 5:00pm EAA Spring Show - Suri Halter Classes

Saturday April 1, 2023

8:00am - 5:00pm PAOBA Breeders Showcase - Huacaya & Suri Halter Classes
8:00am - complete NAAS - Walking Fleece Classes
8:00am - 5:00pm PAOBA Breeders Showcase - Performance Classes
8:00am - 5:00pm EAA Spring Show - Walking Fleece Classes

Sunday April 2, 2023

8:00am - 5:00pm NAAS - Huacaya & Suri Halter Classes
8:00am - complete PAOBA Breeders Showcase - Performance Classes
8:00am - complete EAA Spring Show - Walking Fleece Classes
Performance Class Order   Showmanship, Obstacle, Public Relations, Fun Classes
Performance Age Order/Class   Adult, Senior, Intermediate, Junior, Sub-Junior

*Show Schedule updated as of 2/4/23.