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Welcome to the Eastern Alpaca Jamboree 2023!
PA Farm Show Complex
Harrisburg, PA

March 30 - April 2, 2023

Unfortunately, registration for the Halter Show is closed for all shows.  Vendors, Sponsorships, Walking Fleece, Fiber Arts & Skeins, Performance and the Photo Contest registration still available.  Contact Scott & Ann Young at sayoung@hancock.net to register.  If you missed signing up for the halter show send us a request to be put on our waiting list - we expect to work off our waiting list as spots open up.

North American Alpaca Show
Click here to register for NAAS
*Stalls, Animal Entries (Halter & Walking Fleece), Sponsorships, Vendors & Production classes*

Empire Alpaca Association Spring Show
Click here to register for ESS

*Animal Entries in Halter & WF ONLY*

PAOBA Breeders Showcase
Click here to register for PBS

*Animal Entries in Halter & Performance and Fiber Arts ONLY*

You want show points?  We will do our best to get them for you.  Following on the success of the AOA Point System and the overwhelming interest in our Iowa show format Alpaca Show Management Services has brought that format East with slight modifications and invited PAOBA and EAA to come along with us for the ride!  It is important to note that when AOA announced all of the Show Point winners in the summer of 2022, every Huacaya division winner was an exhibitor of our Iowa shows, every single division!  Now is the Eastern Breeders opportunity to keep up.

What is this format you ask?  It is the opportunity to maximize the value in showing, maximize your dollar, maximize your time, maximize your ability to gain AOA show points, maximize the ability to gain valuable evaluations of your alpacas!  We will provide 5 events in 3 days, that is 3 halter shows and 2 WF shows, all in one travel away from the farm, one hotel stay, one CVI, one group of meals and one set of miles on your vehicles.

How will we accomplish this, you ask?  With just 2 rings to make it easier on our exhibitors to follow the pace, we will have 1 show each day, males in one ring and females in the other.  When the 1st show ends the 2nd show will begin with a new set of judges.  After completion of the 2nd show, the 3rd will commence with new judges yet again.  While the halter rings are going on, the walking fleece shows will be going on as with any other show.  Super easy flow to follow!  However, in order to keep it easy for folks we need to limit our entries so the judges may complete their assignments each day.  The shows will be limited to 280 alpacas per show.  If we can get over 40 suris we can give suri their own ring and increase our huacaya numbers.  In other words....
don't delay in signing up, these shows will close early! 
The Iowa 2022 format sold out in just 2 weeks!

North American Alpaca Show Judges
Arturo Pena- male alpacas & walking fleece
Frauke Berman - female alpacas
 Laurel Shouvlin - walking fleece
Stephanie Glyptis - walking fleece

EAA Spring Show
Jude Anderson - male alpacas
Arturo Pena - female alpacas & walking fleece
Frauke Berman - walking fleece
Stepahine Glyptis - walking fleece

PAOBA Breeders Showcase
Stephanie Glyptis  - male alpacas & performance classes
Jude Anderson - female alpacas
Laurel Shouvlin - performance classes

How to choose what to register for?

Mega show formats can be intense. If you choose to do all possible entries the design is offer the exhibitor the maximum value, the maximum judge’s evaluation and the maximum show points one can gain in one weekend. This can make for a busy weekend for exhibitors that choose to take advantage of every opportunity. Most Exhibitors will make exactly that choice but a mega show format is certainly an ala cart format and our exhibitors have the power to choose how busy their weekend will be.

Let us explain:
The Des Moines, Iowa mega show format is an alpaca show on steroids. 4 Halter shows in 3 days is very busy for the exhibitors. The Harrisburg mega show format is more like an alpaca show on a protein shake. By design, we have slowed the Harrisburg format down a bit while still offering 5 opportunities for judge evaluations but we have done it with 3 halter shows in 3 days rather than 4. Even with that being said an exhibitor will still have the choice on what events to register for. You could do everything, meaning 3 halter shows, 2 walking fleece shows, as well as performance, fiber arts and group production classes. If that is going to be too much for your desires, you can scale it down easily. You could do just the 3 halter shows or just the 2 walking fleece shows, maybe you would like to do 2 halter and 1 walking fleece or maybe you would just like to enter your child in youth performance. That choice is completely yours when you register for the shows.

We think we have designed this format to be super exhibitor friendly with one halter show a day and just 2 rings to keep track of and with no question the organizing committee feels doing the 3 halters shows and 2 walking fleece shows is easily accomplished by all.However, we want you to walk away from the weekend feeling it was an amazing weekend for you and your breeding program and if that means scaling back the options to make it more comfortable for you, then we want you to know that is 100% okay!

How to register for the 2023 Eastern Alpaca Jamboree

The North American Alpaca Show is the host show so you have to click on the link above for that show and at the very least register for stalls and animal entries on that site.  The NAAS site is where you would sign up for many of the items for the weekend including:  stalls, walking fleece, sponsorships, vendor space, meals and NAAS animal entries, etc. 

The EAA Spring Show registration site will only accept animal entries into Halter and WF classes for the EAA Spring Show.  For just $50 more it is crazy to not sign up for both shows but in case you only want to come to the EAA Spring Show, don't forget to go to the NAAS registration site for your Stalling & Sponsorships.

The PAOBA Breeders Showcase registration site will only accept animal entries into Halter classes for the PAOBA Breeders Showcase as well as all youth and open performance classes and Auxiliary Fleece classes.  For just $50 more it is crazy to not sign up for this 3rd show but in case you only want to come to the PAOBA Breeders Showcase, don't forget to go to the NAAS registration site for your Stalling and Sponsorships.

How to pay for your registrations

This year we will be accepting credit cards as a form of payment.  If you would like to pay via cc, follow this process;  complete the registration just as you always would, when you are finished click the submit button thus generating a confirmation email that will be sent to both you and the show superintendent.  Upon receiving that email, an invoice including both show's totals will be sent with a link to a secure payment site.  Take note of your total when clicking on that link.  This will bring you to a page where you fill out your payment information and click submit.   All done, notification from the credit card company that you have paid will be sent to us and will be then noted on your account.   Please make sure the amount you are submitting is correct and as always please do so in a timely manner.   Registrations are not final until payment is received.

Please remember that the weather in early spring can be unpredictable in North Central PA, so come prepared! Should you have any questions relating to the show, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of the organizing groups, any of us.

We look forward to seeing you in Harrisburg at the 2023 Eastern Alpaca Jamboree!

Scott Young
Hilltop Alpacas
7825 County Hwy 67
Hancock, NY  13783
(607) 637-5201
Kevin O'Leary
12746 Yacht Club Circle
Fort Myers, FL  33919
(603) 616-6010